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Love this show

Love Kyle’s interviews every week such a great show that I look forward to with frank talks with celebrities and artists.


Always Great Interviews

Kyle always has great interviews from movies to tv to music I really look forward to each new episode of Pop Culture Weekly.

My fav

This is my favorite podcast. It’s funny and I like the hot clips the most. Kyle is funny and a good host and interviewer of celebrities.

Love This show!

I really love this show! I really like the interviews and it’s really funny. Makes me smile every time I see a new episode notification. Kyle is probably the best interviewer in the business! Love this guy and this show.


Hysterically funny podcast that covers the week in pop culture! Loved the interviews they are really full of heart and soul and Kyle does a great job. It seems like he knows all of the people he interviews. Love the whole show!


Excellent podcast!

Weekly gold

Are you having trouble keeping up with all the important pop culture news? Pop Culture Weekly is the perfect show for you. Hosted by an engaging and fun host and guests, the podcast is insightful yet easy to follow. It’s perfect for long drives or in the office. Let Pop Culture Weekly be your help with the world of pop culture. Give them a like and subscribe!


Excellent, funny podcast about pop culture.

Obviously we love it :)

Great time & very funny

Love this show! It's always a great time and it's so funny! Kyle is the man.


This podcast is so funny! I look forward to listening each week. Kyle always has a funny take on the weeks pop culture news. Also love Christina!! Keep them coming!

My fav

This is my favorite podcast. It’s funny and I like the hot clips the most. Kyle is funny and a good host

Fun Podcast

Kyle is fun to listen too you never know what he’s gonna say. Funny, Interesting, thought provoking.

A voice to cherish

Kyle’s voice is so smooth like Michael Bolton, Michael Duncan Clark and an angel had a sexy love child that was born to make love to the mic. The truth he talks on everything pop make me feel genuinely educated on what’s happening in the world and I’m no longer embarrassed to open my mouth at work. The episode with Christina was my favorite so far and I won’t sleep until the next episode airs. Kyle, you are a gift to everyone and, just like Nicholas Cage, you are a national treasure. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world. You are loved.

I love it!

For obvious reasons, I love this podcast!