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May 12, 2023

Jane Fonda, Candace Bergen & Mary Steenburgen on Book Club: The Next Chapter

Jane Fonda, Candace Bergen & Mary Steenburgen on Book Club: The Next Chapter

Get ready, pop culture aficionados! This weeks Pop Culture Weekly is unmissable episode full of glitz and glamor as Kyle McMahon heads to New York City for the Red Carpet premiere of Book Club: The Next Chapter. Kyle chats with the film's iconic cast,...

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Get ready, pop culture aficionados! This weeks Pop Culture Weekly is unmissable episode full of glitz and glamor as Kyle McMahon heads to New York City for the Red Carpet premiere of Book Club: The Next Chapter. Kyle chats with the film's iconic cast, including Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen and Don Johnson, as well as its creative masterminds, writer Erin Simms and writer / director Bill Holderman. Plus, we snag interviews with fabulous guests like Real Housewives of New York's Jill Zarin and her daughter Allie, making this a must-listen for anyone who loves the magic of Hollywood!

We don't just stop at the premiere, though - Kyle takes you on a journey behind the scenes with sit down interviews with the stars and creators of Book Club: The Next Chapter. Join us as we explore the challenges of filming in Italy, discuss the importance of embracing life and adventure at any age, and hear candid reflections on aging in the entertainment industry from legends like Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen. It's a laughter-filled and uplifting adventure that you won't want to miss!

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1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:05,500 In this episode of Pop Culture Weekly, it's all about Book Club, the next chapter as I sit down and talk with Jane Fonda, 2 00:00:05,500 --> 00:00:13,000 Candace, Burjah, Mary Steam, Burjah, and the rest of the cast. And I go to New York City for the premiere! Let's go! 3 00:00:13,000 --> 00:00:18,000 Welcome to Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon from I Heart Radio. 4 00:00:18,000 --> 00:00:27,000 Your Pop Culture News, Views, Reviews, and Celebrity Interviews on all the movies, TV, music, and pop culture you crave weekly. 5 00:00:27,000 --> 00:00:29,000 Here's Kyle McMahon. 6 00:00:29,000 --> 00:00:34,500 [Music] 7 00:00:34,500 --> 00:00:44,000 Hello! And welcome to Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon. Thank you so much for hanging out with me on Pop Culture Weekly. 8 00:00:44,000 --> 00:00:50,000 I'm really excited. I'm really, really, really excited for this episode. 9 00:00:50,000 --> 00:01:04,000 Guys, I talk to Jane Mother Fonda. Jane Fonda and Candace Burjah and Mary Steam Burjah. They are in the new film that's out today Book Club, the next chapter! 10 00:01:04,000 --> 00:01:15,000 I also talk with the writers and director who they are awesome, awesome people. Bill Holderman and Aaron Sims. 11 00:01:15,000 --> 00:01:28,000 Then I go to New York City for the premiere of the film in New York. I go on the red carpet. It's just I can't believe how much I freaking... 12 00:01:28,000 --> 00:01:44,000 Oh my God, it was amazing. I just can't even talk about it so much. You've probably saw some of my coverage and the behind this scene stuff on socials, on my Instagram and Twitter, at K-Mac Music and Facebook and all. 13 00:01:44,000 --> 00:02:00,000 It was just a dream. Like, it's a who's who of classic Hollywood. In New York on the red carpet, I talk with Jane. I talk with Candace again. I talk with Aaron and Bill. 14 00:02:00,000 --> 00:02:21,000 I talk with Don Johnson, the one and only Don Mother Johnson. We're talking James Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice, Golden Globe winner, Primetime Emmy nominee who's also in Nash Bridges. 15 00:02:21,000 --> 00:02:43,000 Django unchanged with I, which I loved, Machete, which I loved, knives out which I loved. And did you know that he released a album called Heartbeat and let it roll in '86 and '89 and then his cover of the song Heartbeat actually peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100. 16 00:02:43,000 --> 00:03:01,000 So Don Mother Johnson has a Billboard Hot 100 top five hit. That's how awesome he is. I'm sorry, I'm so excited just because this was so freaking like it was just a dream. It was just a dream. 17 00:03:01,000 --> 00:03:25,000 I mean, except it wasn't a dream, you know what I mean? It was actually very real. So in any event, let's just get right into it. We're going to start with the red carpet coverage of me in New York City at the AMC Lincoln Square 13 or book club the next chapter. 18 00:03:25,000 --> 00:03:45,000 Kyle McMahon, I Heart Radio live in New York City at the premiere of book club the next chapter. All of the ladies, the entire cast is here and it's such a great film. I can't wait for you to see it and be sure to check out my interviews with the cast of book club. 19 00:03:45,000 --> 00:03:53,000 And of course, I'm going to have wall to wall footage of book club the next chapter out in theaters from focus features. 20 00:03:53,000 --> 00:04:05,000 So here is Jill Zarin from of course, Housewives of New York and she's here with her daughter, Ali. Let's talk to her. 21 00:04:05,000 --> 00:04:17,000 So we are here live at the red carpet premiere of the red carpet premiere of the book club the next chapter. Are you guys excited to see it? 22 00:04:17,000 --> 00:04:31,000 I did see it the other day and I interviewed the cast and I absolutely loved it, which I feel like I'm not really the demo typical for it, but I was hysterical the entire time. I love it. 23 00:04:31,000 --> 00:04:40,000 I'm so excited to see it. I really am. First of all, it's thrilling. I haven't been in New York in a while. I moved back to Florida. So coming to New York, coming to a premiere, like living in New York 24 00:04:40,000 --> 00:04:53,000 day after the COVID and everything I'm still scarred from is just thrilling and to be able to see like my heroes, my icons in a few minutes to roll down the red carpet is pretty fucking fantastic. 25 00:04:53,000 --> 00:04:54,000 How about for you? 26 00:04:54,000 --> 00:05:03,000 Very excited. Big fan of all these icons. I'm excited to be with you. I got something in my eyes. 27 00:05:03,000 --> 00:05:13,000 And so if you could take any celebrity on a tour of Italy, who would you who would you guys pick? 28 00:05:13,000 --> 00:05:28,000 I don't know. I don't know. J.Lo. She's fun. Yeah, JLo. Although I might be a little jealous the whole time of her sick body, but maybe it'll inspire me. 29 00:05:28,000 --> 00:05:38,000 Well, I wasn't I wasn't Dubai for the big Beyonce crazy opening and I felt like Beyonce and Jay Z know how to travel right. They look whatever they're doing with their 30 00:05:38,000 --> 00:05:46,000 entourage. Definitely a secret service down pat like they're a fabulous group of travel wins. The kids and everything the mom's told you. 31 00:05:46,000 --> 00:05:51,000 And so what's next for both of you? What can we what's your next big project we can look forward to? 32 00:05:51,000 --> 00:06:01,000 Together we have to line Jill and Alie of Crystal Man of the station canals and I'm as her Jill Zairn Rugg's furniture all that stuff. So working on building the brand building the business. 33 00:06:01,000 --> 00:06:04,000 I love it. Thank you both for talking to me. I appreciate it. 34 00:06:04,000 --> 00:06:17,000 Next up on the red carpet is Grace truly Grace plays Grace in book club the next chapter a wedding planner the wedding planner. Let's talk to her. 35 00:06:17,000 --> 00:06:29,000 You're here New York City for the premiere. What's it feel like? Is it like a relief for you or is it like a weight off your shoulders or I think it is quite surreal. 36 00:06:29,000 --> 00:06:39,000 I think that when I leave here today I'm going to have to pinch myself to see whether it was real or not. I came here from London so it's quite amazing to be a New Yorker. 37 00:06:39,000 --> 00:06:57,000 You all can be at my first premiere for a film that I've been in. So yeah amazing. I love that. And so you are from London. You filmed in Italy. Now you're at the premiere in New York. It's kind of like your first film is like a big whirlwind. 38 00:06:57,000 --> 00:07:01,000 It is absolutely absolutely. Very multicultural. 39 00:07:01,000 --> 00:07:10,000 And how about the level of talent that the film that you're in with, like you can't have better teachers. What was that like? 40 00:07:10,000 --> 00:07:22,000 It was quite surreal honestly. I think I couldn't have wished for more. I think the future me will look back and think wow how did that happen. That's insane. 41 00:07:22,000 --> 00:07:34,000 Being on set with them it was just a dream. I love that. And finally what's next for you? What can we expect next? 42 00:07:34,000 --> 00:07:46,000 Well at the moment I'm actually writing my first feature film which I plan to direct as well. And I've got some interesting meetings and things in the pipeline. 43 00:07:46,000 --> 00:07:54,000 We'll keep on the lookout for everything that you're doing. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Congratulations. You as well. 44 00:07:54,000 --> 00:08:09,000 Right. That was grace. So next up on the red carpet is the one and only. Don Johnson. He stars in the film. And he was in the first film as well. 45 00:08:09,000 --> 00:08:19,000 I'm excited to talk to him. Let's talk to the one and only. Don mother freaking Johnson. I can't say it here because I'm in public. 46 00:08:19,000 --> 00:08:30,000 So first of all thank you for speaking with me. The film is absolutely awesome. I really love it. It really is. And it's a lot of fun. I talked to Jane and the ladies last week. 47 00:08:30,000 --> 00:08:41,000 I told them I feel like they're having more fun because we were talking about she was talking about aging and I said I feel like you guys had way more fun making this film than I've had in my life. 48 00:08:41,000 --> 00:08:56,000 Was it fun for you as well? Yeah but I make no mistake about it. It was work. These ladies work there. You know what's up. I mean they it was not the weather was unkind sometimes. 49 00:08:56,000 --> 00:09:07,000 And a little challenging on the heat level but they they're all amazing. They're amazing. And you know when I write here young actors complain I look at these. 50 00:09:07,000 --> 00:09:24,000 For ladies and I go. You know shut up man. Shut up and take a lesson you know. And finally for you you know I like that in a bit of a way it's reversed. I feel like women are typically always made as like the the eye candy. 51 00:09:24,000 --> 00:09:35,000 The you know that sort of thing where you you got to play that in this film was that fun for you to to be you know arm candy and with this cat to be arm candy and Rome with Jane Fond. 52 00:09:35,000 --> 00:09:41,000 Okay. That's it. Thank you so much. Thank you. I appreciate it. 53 00:09:41,000 --> 00:09:54,000 I'll write next up on the carpet. Here comes Bill Holderman and Aaron Sims. Bill and Aaron wrote the film together and Bill directs it. Let's talk to them. 54 00:09:54,000 --> 00:10:06,000 Hey. How are you? Good to see you. So we talked here we talked last week at the junk it. Good to see you guys. Now we're here at the premiere. What like what is this moment like for you? 55 00:10:06,000 --> 00:10:19,000 I mean it's the whole thing has been a pinch me constant sort of I don't know. I said in Italy when we got there I was pre-nestalgic for the experience and this is like I don't know trying to just keep it together. It's pretty amazing. It's pretty amazing. 56 00:10:19,000 --> 00:10:31,000 You wait for it and you dream about it and you make the movie and there's just it's such a long process that when you get to this night it's like it's hard not to cry because everybody's worked so hard and there's been so much put into this we're just really happy to be here. 57 00:10:31,000 --> 00:10:54,000 Congratulations. Really congratulations. Thank you. And here comes one of the ladies herself Candace Bergen icon in Hollywood. I can't wait to talk to her on the carpet and see you know now we're here. It's debuting. Let's talk to her. 58 00:10:54,000 --> 00:11:10,000 First of all congratulations. We are here in New York at the premiere for Book Club Next Chapter. What is this moment like for you? You know you went to New York and I mean I'm sorry you went to Italy and film now you're here in New York for the premiere. What is it? 59 00:11:10,000 --> 00:11:15,000 Moment like for you? Is it like a relief? Is it excitement? 60 00:11:15,000 --> 00:11:38,000 It's none of those things. It's great. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie with an audience. I've never seen it with an audience and it was a relief to finish the movie and to have it billholder and pulled it off very nicely. 61 00:11:38,000 --> 00:11:43,000 Thank you so much. Enjoy your moment. 62 00:11:43,000 --> 00:11:57,000 Okay well I was about to interview Diane Keaton and the former Countess Luanne from Real House of Lies of New York went and scared her off. I asked her for a hug in the middle of an interview and then it was stir away. 63 00:11:57,000 --> 00:12:05,000 Thanks former Countess Luanne. In any event next up is Jane Funnel. Let's talk to her. 64 00:12:05,000 --> 00:12:16,000 Hey Jane, good seeing you again. So you traveled the world for this film you went to Italy, now you're in New York for the premiere. Is it a relief for you when you get to do it? 65 00:12:16,000 --> 00:12:23,000 Like is this the time you get to come and enjoy it or you like what is this moment like for you? 66 00:12:23,000 --> 00:12:29,000 Well I have a lot of friends that have come today including my granddaughter and my goddaughter and so I'm pretty excited. 67 00:12:29,000 --> 00:12:41,000 Yeah and I just I'm just hoping that they enjoy the movie. I think they will. It's a lot of fun. It is a great movie. I love it. Thank you so much and I have a name coat like that and I must work it out. 68 00:12:41,000 --> 00:12:45,000 Thank you so much Jane. 69 00:12:45,000 --> 00:12:58,000 Jane Fonda. I can't believe I've now interviewed her twice in a week. This is insane. And Candace Bergen. I mean just this and this is just an incredible experience here on the red carpet. 70 00:12:58,000 --> 00:13:11,000 At the premiere of Book Club the next chapter out in theaters from focus features. So I'm going to head in and see the film once again on the big screen this time. 71 00:13:11,000 --> 00:13:26,000 I'm going to be watching a movie with Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda and Candace Bergen and Mary Steenberg and Ted Danson and Carol Cade and you know all these amazing, amazing creative people. 72 00:13:26,000 --> 00:13:35,000 And so many legends. So so I don't know what to say but I got to go. All right. Love you all. 73 00:13:35,000 --> 00:13:50,000 How amazing is that? It was absolutely. Oh my god. The energy was insane. The talent. I'm like and then I went to the party afterwards. You know that we did the premiere after the red carpet in New York, which was so cool. 74 00:13:50,000 --> 00:14:02,000 So many of their friends were out to support them. It was like a who's who of you know classic Hollywood. Then the after party was beautiful. 75 00:14:02,000 --> 00:14:14,000 Absolutely beautiful. Tavern on the green. It was just top notch. You know really a lot of it was I would say Italy theme because you know the film takes place in Italy. 76 00:14:14,000 --> 00:14:36,000 And by the way, if you are unaware, go see book club, the next chapter in theaters right now. It is obviously a sequel to book club, which came out in 2018 written and directed by Bill written by Bill Holderman and Aaron Sims directed by Bill Holderman who you know they were the team that worked on book club. 77 00:14:36,000 --> 00:14:47,000 And it continues their story so you know these four best friends take their book club on the road to Italy for a fun girls trip that they you know never got to have and now they're going to have it. 78 00:14:47,000 --> 00:15:03,000 And then things go a little bit crazy and and you know their vacation turns into kind of a cross country trip. It really is so much fun. It's hysterical. It's got heart. It's uplifting. It's heartwarming. 79 00:15:03,000 --> 00:15:26,000 And I said this to Jane, which you'll hear you know these actors in their 70s and 80s. I think had more fun filming this movie than I have had in my entire life combined like they are living it up as they should and setting the you know standard for everybody else. 80 00:15:26,000 --> 00:15:37,000 So I only hope that I can be half as fun as they are when I'm that age if I'm lucky enough to even get to that age who knows. 81 00:15:37,000 --> 00:15:55,000 But in any event it's a great film it's something I would take my mom to you know had if she is past but uh but it's something I you know it's like that kind of film that I could go take her to the movies have a great time pay for her tickets get her you know whatever she wanted a glass of wine or whatever she doesn't drink. 82 00:15:55,000 --> 00:16:06,000 But whatever I see whatever she wanted you know get a big thing a popcorn and some snacks and just laugh and have a great fun heartwarming time it's that kind of film. 83 00:16:06,000 --> 00:16:16,000 Go see it. It is the antidote to all of the craziness going on in the world. All right. So let's take a break. 84 00:16:16,000 --> 00:16:31,000 And then we're going to just jump right into the interviews with the you know the sit down interviews with the ladies and the filmmakers all right here we go be back in a minute. 85 00:16:31,000 --> 00:16:42,000 Thank you for hanging in there and allowing those fine advertisers to pay our bill so I can continue to bring you amazing exclusive content. 86 00:16:42,000 --> 00:17:07,000 I love you you know that and I can't thank you enough for listening and supporting the show and some of you watch exclusively just the videos and some of you just read the blog some of you listen to the show by itself and and do all the other you know I appreciate everything that you do the show grows every week because of you and I can't thank you enough for that. 87 00:17:07,000 --> 00:17:23,000 All right. So without further ado let's do my sit down interviews will start with the behind the scenes power houses bill Holderman the director and co writer and Aaron his co writing partner. 88 00:17:23,000 --> 00:17:28,000 Thank you both Aaron and Bill so much for speaking with me I really appreciate it. 89 00:17:28,000 --> 00:17:51,000 Hello Carl of course so I talk to the ladies yesterday which was as hysterical and fun as I'm sure you are well aware and and the film is so great what you and Aaron and Bill you both wrote it together bill you directed it what for you why did you decide to come back. 90 00:17:51,000 --> 00:17:58,000 Oh my gosh well I mean it's a tough to come back. 91 00:17:58,000 --> 00:18:19,000 I think honestly the experience of the first movie and working with these women and seeing their friendship grow and develop off screen on screen and to have the privilege to go back into that and work with them again there's there was no version where we weren't taking advantage. 92 00:18:19,000 --> 00:18:34,000 But we were not going to do another one unless we felt like we came up with an idea that we were actually genuinely excited about and that could be its own movie and sort of push push the series the franchise. 93 00:18:34,000 --> 00:18:44,000 We really want to make something that we were proud of and I think all the women did as well so like the whole thing was it was an incredible experience. 94 00:18:44,000 --> 00:19:08,000 I mean how do you turn that down. I love that and I heard I was told from Candace I believe that it was her idea to make it in Italy is that that's a fact and the thing is she came up with the idea before the first movie even came out. 95 00:19:08,000 --> 00:19:37,000 And the story goes Aaron was on a flight with Mary Candace and Jane and they were going to Cinemacon in 2018 to promote the first movie and no one knew if the first movie is going to do anything let alone enough business to warrant a sequel but on that flight they decided you know what we have to make a sequel it was so fun to make the first one and you know where we should go I think we should go to Italy and those two things were put out there and I can't say we've got to go to Italy we have to sing that tomorrow and then we're going to have to run at some point and then we can't run. 96 00:19:37,000 --> 00:19:49,000 So we're going to walk and I was like okay got off the plane I'm like we're making a sequel yeah going to Italy and then you know it was all like kind of a joke but it was not a joke. 97 00:19:49,000 --> 00:20:06,000 What you know I'm trying to think how to say this delicately you both and this is not a bad thing at all that's a stereo you both I was excited actually you both are you are not so you're writing about. 98 00:20:06,000 --> 00:20:14,000 I'm writing about women of a certain age obviously neither of you seem to be at that place yet. 99 00:20:14,000 --> 00:20:27,000 I'm saying you know it's I love that you have have written this you know about people that are not you you know I'm saying. 100 00:20:27,000 --> 00:20:32,000 Yeah of course how did you that was probably the way I should have opened with that. 101 00:20:32,000 --> 00:20:50,000 How do we get in the minds of older people well here's the thing I that I think is really important I think that a lot of times and I think as a society we think at a certain point in life everyone just becomes homogenized and they're just older and the truth is it's not true at all. 102 00:20:50,000 --> 00:21:19,000 All of everything that makes you an individual and unique when you're in your teens and in your 20s and in your 30s doesn't go away and for us it's not thinking about oh let's write a story for older people it's let's write the characters that are very authentic and very human that are still going through the things that we all go through that it just happens to be that society ignores the fact that people after a certain point are still going through them you know so it's for us it's like it's we're tapping into it. 103 00:21:19,000 --> 00:21:31,000 It's we're tapping into something that maybe it doesn't seem like it because we're not at that age but it's very much experiences and it's very human what they're going through and and we can relate to that part for. 104 00:21:31,000 --> 00:21:48,000 I mean I think how crazy it is is we all you know if we're lucky we still have our parents you have grandparents and what are we saying we're saying these are not people saying that they're not like people with like the right to have a fun exciting life and be valued just as they were when they were 40 or 30 or whatever it is. 105 00:21:48,000 --> 00:22:16,000 And guess what we're all going to be 65 and 75 if we're lucky so I don't want the future to be whatever people say it's supposed to be I want to be Jane Fonda in Italy eating gelato on a movie set you know whatever I know not everybody's going to be on movie set but you can do whatever you want to do if you put yourself out there and I think that's that's cool for us to be looking forward and to like 106 00:22:16,000 --> 00:22:45,000 convince people that there's excitement ahead I love it you got to chat with them you can't tell us they're not the most interesting and interested people that I mean they're amazing and they're not apologizing for their age and neither should we exactly yeah I love that I love the answer I love the film and I love that Jane was saying you know at 85 she's had more fun you know in the last 20 years than she did in the prior 20 so I I love that and I love that this film does that I can't wait to see what I'm doing. 107 00:22:45,000 --> 00:22:52,000 I can't wait for the third chapter thank you both so much thank you so much have a great day you as well. 108 00:22:52,000 --> 00:22:55,000 Take care bye. 109 00:22:55,000 --> 00:23:07,000 All some people right like just really wholesome good people and that's why they made a really good wholesome funny heartwarming movie. 110 00:23:07,000 --> 00:23:33,000 The next chapter is really really really funny alright so there you go now here is the time okay guys you believe this alright my interview Mary Steen Virgin Candace Bergen and Jane mother Fonda thank you so much for speaking with me I really appreciate it. 111 00:23:33,000 --> 00:23:54,000 It's a pleasure. Pleasers mine I am here with the Hollywood royalty so the book club the next chapter is such a great film it's fun and funny and I'm pretty sure none of you have actually ever done a sequel before right that you've been in the first and the second. 112 00:23:54,000 --> 00:24:07,000 So I pointed that out today you the second person put that out and I didn't realize that I was in back to the future three but I wasn't in the first two right that. 113 00:24:07,000 --> 00:24:23,000 And I did a sequel to Murphy Brown course ago but it was only on for 13 episodes right and and how about for you Jane I've never done a sequel I mean episodic television is you know you keep doing this I think but no I've never done one and it's fun. 114 00:24:23,000 --> 00:24:42,000 And you got along with everybody and you know you love your co stars it's it's fun to be with them at a place like Italy and is that is that what brought you all together for the next chapter was each other and you know all of that. 115 00:24:42,000 --> 00:25:05,000 Yes I would have been horrified if they did one without me. But I wrote a song at the end of this movie that's my love song to them and the hook of it is I would go anywhere with you and I would go anywhere with them there we all sing it together she's some professional songwriter all songs. 116 00:25:05,000 --> 00:25:27,000 Yeah and so you know what was it about this particular project that you were like this is this is it this is the next chapter you know because you I'm sure you get scripts and all the time where you're like you know don't want to do that but this obviously for all of you was like you know what I want to be a part of that with them. 117 00:25:27,000 --> 00:25:42,000 Yeah well it was candy's idea to Italy all of us wanted to do a sequel because the first one was so successful yeah so we hope this one will be successful or even more there you go. 118 00:25:42,000 --> 00:25:50,000 And what what was it for for you Candace that that was like you know what Italy. 119 00:25:50,000 --> 00:26:11,000 I don't know it just it was beckoning Italy's just so the Italians are great it's a warm welcoming delicious country and it just seemed like it would be very user friendly yes. 120 00:26:11,000 --> 00:26:20,000 And a nice I'm sure a nice vacation as well I mean while you're working of course it never felt like work to me. 121 00:26:20,000 --> 00:26:39,000 And for you Jane you know you have you have talked in the past about roles for women that you feel you know there are some spots where people are afraid to go you ladies are not afraid to go. 122 00:26:39,000 --> 00:26:50,000 Anywhere in this film and was that freeing for you are you happy to see that this is something that is accessible for everybody now. 123 00:26:50,000 --> 00:27:08,000 Well we're all brave in real life the four of us dance not here and we tend to do things that that are adventurous and so we wanted to be in a movie that that gives people who are younger hope that you know getting older can be adventurous. 124 00:27:08,000 --> 00:27:21,000 You know you can you can live your dreams if you if you want to and that we're not afraid of taking chances and that's an important message to put out right everybody so scared of being old come on. 125 00:27:21,000 --> 00:27:22,000 Right. 126 00:27:22,000 --> 00:27:37,000 Yeah you guys are kicking more ass than I have ever and you know I'm like let's go I'm ready for it so and that's you know huge two two people like yourselves where you're doing these projects that's like. 127 00:27:37,000 --> 00:27:42,000 What are you talking about I'm having more fun than you you know. 128 00:27:42,000 --> 00:27:53,000 Thank you so much my time is up I really appreciate it I can't wait to talk to you all for the next one the third chapter so I can't wait for everybody to see this. 129 00:27:53,000 --> 00:27:58,000 Thank you so much have a great day. 130 00:27:58,000 --> 00:28:15,000 You believe like believe this I interviewed these three Hollywood legends Jane Fonda I mean she's won two Academy Awards been nominated like 30 times to British Academy Film Awards seven Golden Globe Awards a prime time Emmy. 131 00:28:15,000 --> 00:28:22,000 A F I lifetime achievement award Golden Lion Honorary Award the honorary Palm Dora. 132 00:28:22,000 --> 00:28:35,000 Palm Dora however you say it and the C.C. will be Demille award and that's just like a taste of the things that she has you know what's the word that I'm looking for the. 133 00:28:35,000 --> 00:28:54,000 Accolades that she has racked up she is a legend you know she is just a legend like her filmography is like what her filmography you know started in 1960 with tall story Sunday in New York. 134 00:28:54,000 --> 00:29:21,000 That blue barefoot in the park spirits of the dead Barbara Rella where she played Barbara Rella they shoot horses don't they fun with Dick and Jane China syndrome nine to five on Golden pond Agnes of God monster in law Georgia rule the Butler this is where I leave you book club luck moving on 80 for Brady. 135 00:29:21,000 --> 00:29:44,000 I mean and that's just on the TV and that's just on the movie side the TV side she was you know of course in Grayson Frankie which just ended after 94 episodes she's on the newsroom from Aaron sorkin on HBO 10 episodes I mean nine to five this show she did like a cameo as a security guard or something I mean just. 136 00:29:44,000 --> 00:30:13,000 Like it's just insane that I'm talking to this legend can this bergen I mean five time Emmy award winner two time Golden Globe winner for you know playing Murphy Brown and Murphy Brown Susan Boston legal academy award nominee for best supporting actress for starting over BAFTA award for best actors and Gandhi I mean again just a legend in Hollywood. 137 00:30:13,000 --> 00:30:41,000 Mary steen burgeon I mean started out on stage in 78 she was in going south western film with Jack Nicholson ragtime amid summer night sex comedy parenthood back to the future part three of course what's eating Gilbert grape Philadelphia powder Nixon I am Sam 138 00:30:41,000 --> 00:31:10,000 Elf inland empire stepbrothers for christmas is did you hear about the Morgan's the help nightmare alley and again that's just in the film world on the TV side she's on you know curb your enthusiasm 30 rock justified oranges the new black the good place I mean again just insane oh and by the way she's an academy award winning actress. 139 00:31:10,000 --> 00:31:39,000 And by the way a musician a very talented musician and songwriter and singer in the film you'll see you know one of her originals on display I just you know the level of talent here is just absolutely insane oh and she she's married to Ted dance and another incredible man so this is what we're dealing with guys this is who I had the pleasure of 140 00:31:39,000 --> 00:32:08,000 of interviewing and being around being in the presence of this greatness such a great film go see book club the next chapter you won't regret it fear you know even if you're just in the mood for a comedy or something to just get your mind off of all of our lives lives crazy stresses it's one of those films that you can just go and love and laugh and have a good time. 141 00:32:08,000 --> 00:32:37,000 I love it you'll love it let me know what you think hit me up do me a huge favor please and if you're on apple podcast if you listen on apple podcast rate and review it it really really really helps giving a review it helps the show grow you continue to help the show grow I continue to love you all right we got another big one next week let me just give you a hint at rhymes with Bob or Camero I think does that rhyme I don't know what you're doing. 142 00:32:37,000 --> 00:32:53,000 Does that rhyme I don't know if that rhymes but in any event wow you guys have made this happen for me I can't believe it I can't thank you enough I love you I'll see you next week we are thank you for listening to pop culture weekly you're all the latest at pop culture weekly dot com. 143 00:32:53,000 --> 00:33:14,000 I just interviewed a fucking founder and I just interviewed can this person actually I interviewed them twice and it was very nice. 144 00:33:14,000 --> 00:33:32,000 I just interviewed Mary steamer again and it was really fun I can't believe that I've been in a few legends. 145 00:33:32,000 --> 00:33:47,000 I'm so in awe.